100 % Indie Art Created, Written, Directed by and Starring The Virtual Gypsy

Hometown: Venice Beach, CA
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Alma Matter: 
Arizona State University 
B.A Theatre

Masters of Advanced Studies American Media Pop Culture

Healing Arts Specialties: Kundalini/Tantra Yoga Instructor


A "New Paradigm" Artist, Activist and Entertainer.

I choose a "DIY" do-it-yourself approach to conveying my message. As a totally self-produced Indie artist I create in an unabashed way. I advocate the arts as the greatest medicine and a serious energy exchange capable of raising the vibration of the planet. 

Named Gabrielle after the Archangel, I have always considered myself a messenger and leader of the new paradigm of entertainer capable of bringing healing and catharsis through entertainment. I am also a fully certified yoga instructor and massage therapist working mainly through media and arts to bring ancient wisdom to a massive audience. My art advocates a complete paradigm shift. Personal and cathartic in nature, I create in a state of trance while channeling lyrics and messages. I am my own muse. A "selfie" artist, actor, director, author, figure model, dancer and musician. I have self published and produced the body of work before you and have more in the pipeline.